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Ask the fam: Best i've seen

by Cafe-Mocha

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  1. Jhan Garc
    Jhan Garc
    Is it wrong that I actually like the song?
    Aug 15, 2016
  2. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain

    Sorry Marco! But I prefer Majin buu over whichever dragon ball character mega X looks like :p
    Aug 8, 2016
  3. Mewtwofan259
    Aug 8, 2016
  4. ScribbleSplash
    Hey Mimi, how are you so cute? (Gives a flower bouquet)
    Aug 7, 2016
  5. RPGMinx
    Aug 7, 2016
  6. Hisseki
    This made your day? This made my week, I am laughing waaaay too hard at this XD
    Aug 7, 2016
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  7. Andrewski
    You're welcome :D
    Aug 7, 2016
  8. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    Hello Darkrai! My name is Kumo! Do you like shipping?
    Aug 7, 2016
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  9. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain
    Hi darkrai, I don't mean to suggest this will happen it's just a "what if" senario

    Let's say mewtwo is flirting with Mimi, and you want to teach him a lesson but he turns into mega mewtwo Y, his ability rendering Dark Void useless and him having Aura sphere and high special attack, would you still try to fight him?
    Aug 7, 2016
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