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Gaiien Region: Berenstab Bears: Falcub, Kodiaxe, and Ursabre

by Keleri

ursabre line.png
Keleri #079 - Falcub (falchion + cub)
Polar Pokemon
Their blades are made of incredibly sharp but brittle ice. When one breaks they simply make another.
Learnset: Powder Snow, Ice Shard, Metal Claw, Growl, Baby-Doll Eyes, Cut, False Swipe

#080 - Kodiaxe (kodiak + axe)
Polar Pokemon
After evolving, Kodiaxe head south to test their weapons against new and stronger opponents in the boreal forest.
Learnset: Ice Punch, Icicle Spear, Bullet Punch, Bear Hug, Arm Thrust, Brick Break, Slash, Rest, Snore, Iron Defense, Roar

#081 - Ursabre (ursa + sabre)
Polar Pokemon
They are master sword users. Their blades are made of a mysterious substance with the sharpness of ice and the resilience of steel.
Base Stats: 90/135/130/75/100/70 (600)
Ability: Thick Fat/Technician/[Skill Link]
Learnset: Ice Hammer, Icepick, Mandala Effect, Thousand Cuts, Shoulder Rush, Hammer Arm, Snow Wave, Heavy Slam, Iron Head, Sheer Cold, Sacred Sword, Bearserker Rage, Bladestorm, Colossal Smash, Wrecking Ball, Dragon Roar, Bear Trap

The Berenstab Bears are another entry for pokemon's Bear Force One team. I just had to do an armored bear after the Golden Compass's armored bears, although here in 2017 we already have an ice bear and the type combo is kind of punishing. Ah well, I think they're pretty rad. Ursabre's pose is referenced from some GW2 concept art IIRC.