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Life of an Idol: Beginning of an Idol

by Sparklespot336

Sparklespot336 Yuuki and Akari decide to join a famous Idol school, but the entrance exam is super hard. They have practiced and learned very hard, as hard as they can. Will they pass?
Akari went to the cafeteria and saw Yuuki again. Yuuki sat with her. "Don't you have friends?" She asked. Akari frowned. Tears were rolling indide her eyes. She tried her best to wipe the sadness away with a smile but couldn't.

"Also, I thought you were in another school." Akari said looking up at her. Yuuki got something out. Akari looked at it. She got permission... Yuuki grinned.

"So... Do you?" Yuuki asked. Akari looked down again.

"It's hard to explain..." She said as she looked at her legs. Yuuki grabbed her hand. Akari looked up to her. "Yuuki..?"

"Don't worry Arakawa-chan. Don't be shy and let your story out. I won't tell anyone." She said. Akari's tears started to fade away.

Akari sighed. "I had friends when I was younger, but we moved to different high schools, and I tried to become friends with everyone, but the day after we become some, they already made better friends, and they leave me. I think they try ask other people that fit them, and didn't like me." She frowned.

Yuuki was upset. "Okay, They don't mean it okay?!" She said. She then sat back to her seat and let go of her hand. "By the way, your interested in Idols, aren't you? Well, remember this school? The most popular Idol school!" She squeled. Akari gasped.

"How do you know?! That I like Idols?!" She asked. Yuuki grinned. She got a magazine of Idols in her lap. She flipped through it and showed her the school.

"This one. The most popular Idol is there! You know who it is?" She asked. Akari had her phone out looking at Pokémon pictures. Yuuki looked at her phone. "Oh, shiny Sylveon?" She asked.

Akari gasped and jumped back on her chair. "What?!" She sat back down her chair properly and sat in the correct place. "Also that Idol you were talking about... It was Aqours, right?"

Yuuki giggled. "No, it's Shining Cats." She said as Akari started laughing very loudly.

"Oh, sorry, I'm just not used to the name much." Akari covered her mouth sweating. Yuuki grinned.

"I have decided to join that school with you." She said. Akari gasped. "You're free to come over at my house!" She smiled. Akari gulped and grinned.

After school, Yuuki was walking to her place with Akari. Akari was texting in her phone. I am going to visit a friend's house, so be right back. Yuuki has made it to the front of an apartment. "Here we are!" She spreads her hands out to the air. She grinned.

Akari began to say something random. "I live in a house..." She said. Yuuki looked at her and got her arms back.

"You don't need to say that out of nowhere!" Yuuki said. They walked inside her room. "I'm back Onii-san!" She said as she took off her shoes with Akari. She looked at Akari and smiled. "I have a game, we could use it for practice!"

"What?" Akari said happily. She pressed her hands together. "Lets go!" Yuuki ran to her room with Akari and they started to play.

A while later, they focused on studying. Akari left her house and went back home. The day after, they went to the library together after school.

A few days later, they went to the school together. "Is this Sunshine Academy, the one you were talking to me about?" Akari asked. Yuuki smiled at her.

"Definitely! Now lets try hard to pass the exam!" She said. They were about to go in line but stopped. They gasped loudly. There was a humongous line with about 50 people. "This isn't the longest line i've seen before...?" Yuuki said nervously.

"True, I've seen lines longer than this..." Akari has a hard time talking. She took off her Red glasses and pinched her own cheeck. "Ouch!" She squeaked. "Of course this isn't a dream..." She said.

After the exam, they were looking at the results together. They wished hardly for them to pass.
  1. Sparklespot336
    I was thinking of writing each chapter of these once every Saturday's, but for me it looks like I will do 3 every day... XD
    Jul 16, 2016