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Pokémon Kalos journeys: Before a season

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryce is ready to take his last steps in season 2
Well it's a long journey for Bryce... Will he make it? "Whoooo Pidgeot!" Bryce flew to route 14 "sup" Serena went all scary on him "Let's go to the spooky house but I'm gonna train you and Shuana go away to house!!!" Serena went away scared and Bryce "...ohhhhh k how about not" Bryce flew to Laverre city. And he just took 1 step in the gym and he was awarded the badge because he was a huge threat "...Pokéball Factory!!!" 1 minute later "whoa whoa I did not cause this fire!!!" Bryce then ran away with the Masterball in hand and so this fast pace journey adventure whatever continues!!!! "I have the Masterball!!!" The end tune in today for season 3