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Random Stuff: Been workin on a Fakemon Game

by Luke The Riolu

Luke The Riolu I've been workin on a Fakemon game since August last year, here's the protagonists I guess, part of this art was helped by a friend and I have asked their permission to post it here.
  1. TylerUmbreon_29
    You put a link to install it?? This game seems very nice
    Mar 28, 2020
  2. Luke The Riolu
    Luke The Riolu
    @A_Normal_Snivy RPG Maker XP, Pokemon Essentials, though this thing was taken down by nintendo awhile ago, but it's still available on the internet and people are still making fan games with it
    Mar 5, 2020
  3. A_Normal_Snivy
    How are you making the game? (I know essentially nothing about programming :') )
    Mar 5, 2020
  4. GymLeaderJojo
    Good Job! I'm also making a fakemon game. and I have a few pokemon that I designed on here!
    Mar 4, 2020
  5. L4mb0_L1mb0
    Pretty neat. I'd definitely play it! ^^
    Mar 4, 2020
  6. Cryronn the Mudkip
    Cryronn the Mudkip
    I’d name the protagonists Aqua for the girl and Azure for the Boy.
    Feb 29, 2020
  7. Imperfect World
    Imperfect World

    Ill have to play it!
    Feb 27, 2020
  8. Luke The Riolu
    Luke The Riolu
    Feb 27, 2020
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  9. Imperfect World
    Imperfect World
    You’re making a Fakemon game??
    Feb 26, 2020
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  10. ToshiThenAgain
    Much like!! Hope the project goes well. Are you looking for help on the project in any way? Dm me if so >.>
    Feb 20, 2020
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  11. pluveon
    characters with odd hair colors, accompanied by adorable fakemon? yes please
    Feb 20, 2020
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