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Because Y Not: Part 1

by FusionBolt27

FusionBolt27 The first official part of my Nuzlocke log of Pokémon Y.
So, for the first few parts of the game, I decided my fate by roll of dice.

Prof. Sycamore invades my dreams gives me a nice welcoming to the world of Pokémon, giving me a nice synopsis of what Pokémon are, how they affect our world and I ALREADY KNOW THIS JUST GO AWAY
Now it's on to the first die roll to decide my gender, because I'm too incompetent to figure out if I'm a boy or girl on my own. Even is boy, and Odd is girl.
First roll is a 5. So, I'm a girl now.

After that, my second roll decides whether I'm a blonde vanilla, caramel girl, or coffee brown portrait. 1 or 2 is blue-eyed blonde, 3 or 4 is grey-eyed caramel blonde, and 5 or 6 is dark skin and dark hair.
Second roll is...a 2. So, closest to me IRL...except for being a girl, obviously.

The World of Pokémon now opens up to Erina.

After a very nice nap, my mother's Fletchling decides target practice on it's owner's daughter is a good idea to get me up. On orders of my mother, I decide it's probably not a good idea to go outside wearing pajamas.

I then proceed to meet my new neighbors: Calem, a guy my age who has approximately the personality of a cardboard box, and Shauna, a Genki Girl who spins around a lot and adds music notes to all her sentences.
Pretty soon I'm introduced to the rest of this Brady Bunch, but they aren't much more interesting, so we won't bother mentioning them.

On to choosing a Starter! Possibly the most important decision of the game, and guess what? It's also being decided by dice roll. A 1 or 2 results in Chespin, 3 or 4 is Fennekin, and 5 or 6 is Froakie.

The die result and our partner is...
Our future partner will (hopefully) be revealed sometime this weekend!