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Because Y Not: Part 0 (Rules n' Stuff)

by FusionBolt27

FusionBolt27 My new Pokemon Y Nuzlocke that I'll be keeping a log of here. Just something to write about when I have spare time and I'm bored.
OK, so this is a Nuzlocke series of Pokémon Y. With that said, I'll set the rules right here and now at the beginning:

1. Any Pokémon that faints in battle, dies in battle. I'm keeping them in a separate PC box as a reminder of their hard work and sacrifice.
2. The first Pokémon found on a route is the ONLY thing available for that route...unless it happens to be something that's already been caught, for the sake of making each party member unique.
3. Nickname every Pokémon caught because that's what Trainers do anyway.
4. Exp. Share will NOT be used at any point of this playthrough. That would just make the game incredibly easy.
5. Shinies are immediately catchable as soon as they are encountered. Legendaries are not.
..unless it's a shiny Legendary, but let's face it, that's probably not gonna happen.

I may or may not add rules to this page in the future depending on how the Nuzlocke goes and if I want to make things more interesting. Next page will be about the beginning of the adventure and our main characters.
*that* gay guy likes this.