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Beating the heat

by Griffin loves Missingno

Griffin loves Missingno This is a rubbish fanfiction I started writing
The sun cast death rays down upon the academy. Students lolled about that lunchtime, standing around half asleep, taking lazy nibbles of tiger rolls and sips of iced lemonade, only the ice had melted and the lemonade heated to the heat of the hot asphalt path below their aching feet. A few had given up on standing and retreated to the field to lie barefoot in the soft, slightly cooler grass. Nikki sighed and got up. In the summer haze she had dozed off, only to be woken by the smell of rotting fish.
“Griffin! Get your stupid glitch off of me!” she yelled, trying to push the grey lump off of her lap.
“Here Missy!” called Griffin, and in a flurry of fur and feathers the mish-mash bounded over and began to lick her face. Relieved, Nikki lay back down. It was a wonder, she thought, how Griffin ever got accepted into the academy. This was an academy for the most talented of trainers, and Griffin was an all-round idiot.