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BDF Chapter 9: The Fall Part 2 (END)

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja This is the end, i plan to finish this series and then head off for the weekend, because i have a few new things planned for the future ;)
Ah! not spoiling ANYTHING... well hopefully not XD :p

You didn't see anything *Disapears*

Enjoy the final part of the chap :)
The fight with King Shadow continued, Austin soon landed near an empty area... unconscious.
It seemed all hopeless, the winx surrounded, and short of one of their fighters... until.

"Wake up" Merien said as she used a spell to fully recover him, Austin slowly woke up to see her.

"You must end this now" Merien said.
"But how? King Shadow has my friends and im not in my dreamix form.

"Let the armor assist you" Merien said as she teleported. Austin looked quickly, as all the dreamix coins started to glow brightly with flashing lights.

"Shes right, Its time to finish this, For everyone"! Austin said.
At that, multiple coins came to him from everywhere as he glowed into a bright shining form. His dreamix was now a dark blue with gold fire lining, and wings burst flaming blue and red violently. He also had the 2B cannon on one arm, the reaper cloack now gold as a cape, the adrew blades into a sword.

"Dreamix Superior Armorize"! He yelled as the transformation ended and raced at the king Shadow with blinding speeds Just beating the shadows just by moving past them

"What"!? The shadow king said trying to grab him but it failed. Austin then freed his friends by destroying the shadows with a huge golden light blast .

"Awesome, Thanks" Bloom said and tossed her dragonflames coin as did the others making him glow multiple flashes of :
and pink.

Austin raced at king Shadow and used all the power in him to fire the 2B cannon and blasted al the shadows into the portal causing it to explode and destroy the shadows for good. The sky changed back and everyone began to cheer, as the heroes landed on the ground, saving the normal and magic dimension, from any harms...

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