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BDF: BDF Chapter 7: Secrets and Shipping

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Well, we're reaching the end of the seires. There will be 10 or 12 chapters. This is my 1st story i'll ever finish! yay! *people boo in backround* It's a real accomplishment :) And i hope you like the story so far.
Also second to Bloom I love Flora, she rocks!!!!
It was finally christmas, The winx were getting ready setting up the tree, hanging ornaments and other things.
"Wow, this looks Awesome" Austin smiled
"Of course it does, we can go all out this season" Stella said putting up a star on the tree.
Flora used magic and grew a natural missile toe on the ceiling.
"why do you need that"? Austin asked.
"Its just for decoration" Flora said.
" Nature goes perfect with Christmas" She smiled.
"It's a plant that makes people kiss" Austin grumbled.
Flora blushed awkwardly
"Well, it doesn't have to" She said.
"I'm just saying" Austin said.
"Christmas traditions are serious, and what if two of us walk in at the same time and notice it, that would be bad".
"Awwe, scared of kisses Austin" Stella said pukering her lips Austin backed up and she started to laugh.
"Trust me, none of us are going to kiss" She said.
"Its not that" Austin said.
"I do like you girls, but not quite like that"

(OK before you comment that in season 1-7 maybe 8, that they had boyfriends let me explain. WOW being in another dimension or a spin off series, I believe they cut out the specialists... so I can play with shipping >:D)

"It's okay" Flora smiled.
"But now i'm curious"
"About what"?
Austin asked probably not liking what the answer was going to be.

Flora::blush: Well... would you like to...
Stella: :-O Are you asking Austin Out!?!?!
Flora:*Blushes* Umm...sure.

"...I uh..." Austin said blushing.
Suddenly, the other winx come in with huge bags full of wrapped presents.
"It's amazing outside" Bloom said coming in with the other winx.
"It's Like a huge winter wonderland" Musa said.
"The lights and music"
"Yeah who cares" Stella said.
"Flora asked Austin out"!!!
The winx drop their bags and run excitedly to Flora hugging her.
"So what'd he say"? Bloom asked then everyone turned to Austin.
"Uh..." Austin said not really wanting to be in the range of everyone's eyesight.
"Well he was probably going to say n-" Flora started when Austin blurted
"Yes". Austin Said.
The Winx fell silent and gained excited grins jumping happily around Flora.
Austin wasn't sure if he liked flora like that, but he didnt want to make her upset. and besides it might not be so bad he thought to himself.
Flora blushed
"I'll go get my things" Flora smiled and went to her room.
"way to go stud" Stella put an arm around Austin.
"So do you like Flora"? Bloom asked with a mischievous smirk.
Austin blushes not knowing what to say.
"Awwe, He likes her" Musa teased.
Austin tried hiding the blush, but it was as red as blooms dragon flame.
Flora came back down in a green and pink coat with ear muffs and a scarf.
"Ok, wanna go"? Flora smiled.
"Umm... yeah" Austin wanted to get away from the tormenting.
"We want you kids back by 9:00" Aisha teased.
"And don't do anything extreme, atleast without telling us" Stella said. The two blushed and quickly ran out into the snow covered streets of gardenia.
"Wow, it's amazing" Flora said looking at the scenery.
"Yeah" Austin said. It was either the cold, or he was thinking that Flora looked very pretty. As they walked, they noticed all the lights and the world seemed perfectly at peace.
They sat down on a nearby bench.
"This is amazing" Flora smiled. She had the most beautiful smile, Austin thought. or maybe that was the frostbite on his face talking, but either way was fine.
"So wanna go get some pizza"? Austin asked.
"I'd love to" Flora smiled. As they got up and walked over to a nearby pizza shop, they got a cheese pizza and sat down.
"You didn't have to get it for me, its fine if you like meat" Flora said.
"Nah its okay" Austin said knowing Flora is a vegetarian (Ironic)
As they sat and soon finished. Flora was looking at him when he wasnt looking, then go back to her pizza
"He's been so nice tonight" She thought.
"I think he likes me as well :blush:"
"Let's head back out, it's almost 8:30" Austin said.
"Ok" Flora said. They threw their garbage away and started to head out.
"So when is your birthday"? Flora asked.
"July 20th" Austin said.
"Mine is March 1st" Flora said.
"Wow that is kinda close" Austin said. Unintentionally, he grabbed her hand as they walked. Flora smiled and blushed.
"Austin, do you like me" Flora asked.
Austin blushed.
"Umm... yeah, i think i do" Austin said.
Flora smiled and kissed his cheek.
"That's ok, i like you as well :blush:" Flora said.
Austin felt so hot he felt like the snow around him melted.
Austin kissed her forehead and smiled holding her hand.
Flora smiled back and moved closer, and kissed him.
:Thanks" Austin said and gently hugged Flora.
Flora laughs.
"We should head back now" Flora said.
When suddenly, the cloacked figure from before stood infront of them, austin reconized her.
"What's wrong"? Flora asked.
"That girl" Austin said As they rushed over to her.
"You are doing well dear, but there are alot of shaodws to be dealt with, they are coming" The figure said.
"Who are you"? Austin asked.
"That you will find out later" the figure said.
"But i must warn you about the shadows, they are getting stronger and stronger".
"How do you know austin"? Flora asked.
"Well my dear flora" The figure said taking her hood off, she had orange hair like blooms and wore royal clothing.
"Queen Meirtiel" Flora said.
"I would think i would reconize my own son" Meiritel said.
This news staggered Austin.
"wait so Bloom is"... Austin said.
"Your Royal Sister Yes" Meirtel said.
Austin was simply stunned at the news.
"There is not much i can say now, but i will explain when this is all over" She put her hood back on and disapered.
Flora and Austin stood in awe and confusion.
"We should head back ok" Flora said.
:You've experienced alot lately".
"Your right" Austin said. he held her hand and walked back home. As they approached the door, Flora turned to Austin.
"Thanks for everything, it was lovely". And she kissed Austin on the lips and smiled, then went inside.
Austin blushed and smiled, as he went inside bloom came in
"Hey, so how was it"? Bloom asked.
"Good, but we need to talk about something" Austin said.
"What"? Bloom asked.
"I found that figure and... " Austin started.
"What"? Bloom asked.
"You can tell me"
"I am your brother" Austin said, leaving the winx minus Flora speechless upon hearing this
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