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BDF Ch 3: The Teerible Two

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja This one is more straight foward, but has a new intresting surprise...
ARGH! I got to stop the Spoils!!!
after the recent events, Austin enjoyed some time on the beach,
but...that wasn't gonna last long.
A black portal opened, and out came thousands of shadows, mercilessly attacking people
"OH COME ON"!!!! Austin grumbled.
"I am gonna enjoy this vacation, whether the shadows like it or not...
In a flash austin transformed.
He repeatedly swiped shadows with draconic like swipes.
The shadows tried to surround him when...
"Dreamix Armor Adrewski"!
Austin gained two huge claws and blocked the attacks.
As soon as he beat the rest of them, another portal appeared, and two figures came out.
A red blazing humanoid, and an blue frozen one.

"Alright brother, lets go find those Dreamix Coins"
The blue one said.
"Right sister, let's destroy anything in our way".
The fiery one said.

"Hey double ugly, Right here"!
Austin said rushing at them. They dodged his attack.

"Hey, who is that" The red one said.
"He's in our way" The blue one said.

The Winx, ever the party crashers, made it. Tecna looked at the two figures.
"Those are shadow titans"! Tecna said.
"Shadow titans"? Bloom asked.
"That's Flariza, Shadow of Fire" She said.
"And the other is Glacia, Shadow of Ice".

Austin lunged another attack, when Flariza blocked it with a fiery shield, and Glacia shot a beam of ice, sending the blue dragon crashing into the shore.

The winx helped him up.
"okay winx, Dreamix"! Bloom said
The winx transformed as well, and tried to fight off the titans.

"You ok"? Flora asked.
"Yeah" Austin said. The dreamix coins were on the shore, noticed by the titans.
"There"! Glacia said
"Feeding Time"! Flariza said.
They dashed for them, but flora created vines and swatted them back.
"Here, take some" Austin tossed Flora the Karli coin, he threw the tooblue one to bloom, because he had the AndreBlades still active.

"Dreamix Armor"! Flora and Bloom cried, as flora gained a green pencil like blade, simular to austin's, but different colors, and had plants on it.

Bloom gained the tooblue cannon, but it had red flames on it.

"Alright, lets send these creeps packing" Austin said.
"Floral Sketch"!
Flora created a huge plant which swatted the titans down.

"Dragon Cannon"!
Bloom blasted this with a huge red beam of energy, austin then flew up, and the two titans stared in terror.
"Double Dragon Blade"!
Austin flew up, powering the AndreBlades into the form of a blue dragon and flew at them, crashing and jabbing the claws in the titans, who disapered of deletion.

After they all change back, Flora and Bloom gave Austin back the dreamix coins.
"So, think you need help now"? Bloom asked.
"Ok, maybe a little bit" Austin said.
Bloom then stretched out her hand.
"My name is Bloom, welcome to the team".
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