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bbcode test

by limniris

limniris ??? is coding even a thing here? ignore this if it isn't :p
B B C o d e T e s t
••Just a quick example of code to see how similar I can get it to what I use on other forums. I like how intuitive it is with the buttons, but sometimes plain tags are better...
For example, I didn't expect most of the Unicode symbols to work here. But they do!
Unicode symbols are a nice way to help organize posts, even though they aren't related to either BBCode or HTML. If you have a keyboard with a Num pad (the extra square set of numbers), you can use Alt codes as shortcuts for a lot of these. If you don't have one you'll have to use the old Ctrl+C Ctrl+V trick (copy+paste).
Unicode can be kind of tacky if you use it wrong...
But if you use it in small amounts, and with color coordination, it can look really good! Combined with indenting and other BBCode/HTML stuff, you can make really beautiful posts. If you want to, of course. I've been on forums with BBCode fanclubs, but formatting your posts on one like this might make you seem pretentious or something. It's a fun thing to do sometimes, though.