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Baton (Alona) Starvo Reference

by Dragockon

Dragockon Here is Alona's Reference! Alona is a MTT which is a CLOSED Species by Annicron on DeviantART! Don't make anyone like her without Annicron's permission! :)

Name: Baton Sarvo (Goes by Alona)
NickNames: shorty and Battie (Don't try this unless you want to get hurt), Star (friends only) karate kid (Cheshiretails Arkham only)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
SO: Heterosexual/Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Current Job: Martial arts trainer
Body type: Fit, muscular.
Posture: Tends to lean to one side, favoring her bad leg, lean back a little.
Dragon Form Height: 4,3
Human Form height: 5,10

Summed up Alona could be described as secretive and concealed, she doesn't show her true feelings to very many, and masks them by using other 'tougher' emotions instead. But inwardly she is in fact a very sensitive, emotional and caring woman.

She doesn't like to admit she is wrong, or made a mistake. Saying 'sorry' can be the hardest thing for her to say, but if she feels she truly hurt someone she will say sorry. But tends to make up for it in her actions and not words, by being nicer to them, or taking them out some where - As she is not the best at expression her emotions - She is also very set in her ways, and getting her to change her mind once she decided she's going to do something....Is near impossible. She may be uncertain or need time to think about something. But once she says she's going to do it. She will do it.

She's very defiant and rebellious MTT, she doesn't like being told what to do at all. And prefer's not to be under command - she just wants to be left alone to do her own thing, her own way. She's more to learn from experience, the best way to persuade her is, to firstly - stay calm. And Secondly - use logic. If you get angry at her she will only be more stubborn. And if she is under a command as soon as something goes wrong, she won't be afraid to point it out. However she can be a good teacher when you give her something she enjoys or has a passion about. Such as martial arts.

Part of the reason she's so ill-tempered and stubborn is she's extremely emotionally sensitive, she hides it by being stubborn and angry. Because she doesn't want people to think she's 'weak' or ' a sissy girl'. So she gets a temper because it makes people back off and leave her alone. She very sensitive to her close friends, and cares about them deeply. She's more open to admit her feelings to a close friend then to strangers.


She may be hard to deal with, stubborn, ill-tempered, and grumpy 24/7...But no one cares more about her friends, or is more Loyal then her. If she call's you 'sister' or 'brother' she would die for you without hesitation. She doesn't have many friends, but the one's she has she is very protective of, and only to them does she show some of her true feelings and thoughts. If any of her friends are hurt or in trouble she'd be there in a heartbeat, no questions asked.

Oddly enough she is in fact very motherly MTT, towards those she cares about she shows deep affection and care for. Even if its just a small scratch, or a huge gash, she is very upset in either case...Though it always comes out as "You should have been more careful" or "Did you get hurt again?" But if you can read the signs you know that its just her way of saying she cares.


Her life began like any normal MTT in the higher-level's of Junction City, Her parents worked hard all day and she didn't see them much. They developed weapons for ASP. But she speant a lot of time with her sister, C-4. Alona and C-4 were very close as kids and did almost everything together.

Alona had friends, went to school, things were normal really. However, she was picked on because she often argued with the teachers, and was smaller then most of her MTT friends in dragon form. She was different and this annoyed alot of the other girls in her school. They told her she should be skinnier, taller, wear more make-up, be more girly, talk about boys. And she got sick of it, she got sick of the image that people told her she should be. She didn't want to be like all the other girls. She didn't want to wear make-up, or be girly, or wear dresses. She wanted to learn how to kick a guys butt, to be strong, fit, to wear jeans and boots every day. As time went on the girls picked on her more and more. Her anger and bitterness slowly grew.

Then, came her teenager years and slowly but surely she became more angry and more defiant, getting into fights with the same bullies that had bullied her. She kept getting in trouble in school, got into fight's, lost friends things just got worse and worse. Eventually she got in an argument with her parents, and after that she packed up and left.

She started out working at a local shop, living in the spare bedroom. Not wanting to feel so helpless ever again she took on a tough-girl personality focusing on her anger to protect her from others. She began to train herself to fight, and stayed fit, often spending her evening at the Gym. A few years later, she decided to head back home, and see her parents and sister again. However as she pulled up in the drive-way...All she saw in place of her parents home was a pile of ruble and fire. Shocked and horrified, she drove to the nearest shop and grabbed the paper...
To find on the front page the death of her parents and sister.

It was late, the night lights of Juction city were almost totally blinding as Alona made her way down the street. She wasn't drunk...But might as well have been, she felt like her whole life was turning up-side-down. She was young and wasn't paying attention, as she walked down a dark street a MTT jumped out in front of her.

"You father owed us way too long, now its your turn little one." He snarled and attacked her. Too shocked and overhauled at that moment Baton just stood there frozen in fear. His large massive body slamming into her side and practically crushing her under his weight. He clawed at her face, she clawed and trashed and fought, not even looking to see where she was hiting him. She felt pain all across her body, along with a warm dripping feeling...It took her awhile to realize that was her blood. She eventually went unconscious from blood loss, the MTT assuming she was dead left her and reported it to his leader. In the morning she was reported dead - but she had survived and was extremely lucky. When the MTT had slammed into her her and clawed at her he had torn into her leg deeply, leaving a large bleeding gash. And to this day she walks with a limp, she escaped out of Junction City and left.

She no longer wanted to be any where near Junction city, she hated Junction city, she didn't want to even smell the place anymore. She just wanted to forget her family's death, forget the attack...Forget everything. The bad memories were too much for her, the pain of losing her parents and of always being rejected by other MTT's turned her into a stubborn ill-tempered MTT. She was old enough to get a job, so she took what money her parents had left and some of her things and left. She left the city, and kept walking for weeks and months. Until she found a out-of-the way little town on the outskirts and got a job and started a new life there.

But eventually she saved up her money and got her own place and started her own business. She was some-what happy, though still had that same ill-tempered attitude. There is evidence that her sister C-4 might be alive.

Interesting Facts:

- Has alot of scars
- Wants to have a child one day
- Has thought of adopting a child sometimes
- Can be friendly if you gain her trust and are nice and polite to her
- She is tall in her human form but short in her dragon form oddly, she was made fun of at school for being short in MTT form so she made herself taller in human form.

~Relation ship chart is still a WIP right now~

For now have a list of her friends:

Vincent (Vincent .: The Artist:. [Ref sheet]) Petrichor (Petrichor .:The Trick Rider:. [ref sheet]) Pandora (Pandora .:The Magician:. [Ref sheet]) Arkham (Arkham Milestone - The Arcangel/ The Nightbeast) Rue ([​IMG]) Para (MTT: Paradigm Jones temporary reference (v.1))
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