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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Bath time? Or not.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge Sara's still crying, and who know's how Sai's dealing with this girl. Read the earlier chapters for more clarification!~
Chapter 2- Bath time? Or not.

Sai awoke the sound of the billionth lullaby he’s heard this week. They say that humans grow up quickly, but when would this thing grow up? Sai slowly got out of bed, and saw Cecil playing with Sara.

“My lord, I’ve just finished cleaning up the restrooms, so if you would take Lady Sara for a bath-“

“Lady Sara, Cecil? That’s unlike you to say that, after all, she’s just a human, after all.”

He gave a quick nod to Sara. “She is your adopted-daughter, so it’s only nice to treat her with respect sire.”

“It took you a while to finally accept her, but I’m glad that you did.”

Cecil gave a quick nod. “So sire, are you going to give her a bath?”

Sai chuckled. “What? Me?”

Cecil nodded again. “She’s your child.”

Sai sharply spoke. “But shouldn’t the servant do it? I hereby command you Cecil to give her a bath!”

He stared at Sai with a full on death-glare. “You’ll have to watch then.”

Sai blushed. “What? Why me?!”

“This is your child, and as king, you should know how to give your child a bath.”

“Haven’t you bathed women before?”

Cecil blushed. “I have, yes, but that doesn’t mean I’ve bathed a human.”

“What’s the difference? You’re still bathing a woman. “

“Fine. I’ll go with you.” Cecil and Sai walked to the bathroom where Cecil took off the clothes that Sara was wearing, and with all of the dignity he had, Sai couldn’t look at his daughter. He covered his eyes with his hand, and didn’t dare opening them. Cecil slowly washed Sara, making sure that water, soap and shampoo didn’t get into her eyes; after all, she was still a fragile child.

Sara didn’t show any signs of crying; rather she seemed happy that she was getting cleaned.

Sai was running from servants when he bumped into his father, but this was really just another day in the castle. “Dad! I hate baths! Tell these servants to stop!”

Asher picked him up and smelt him, and Sai’s scent was going to burn his insides sooner or later. He put Sai down. “You have to have a bath Sai.”


Asher sighed “To stay royal and clean. Otherwise, someone might mistake you for a peasant and kick you out of the castle.”

Sai was shocked. “K-kick me out?”

“It’s a pleasure to even have baths; the peasant’s don’t have an elegant bath like us.”

“Really? Then I’ll take a shower as much as possible!”

Sai left the room, and went to do some final touches on his room. He saw a portrait of his mother and father, and then figured that Sai, Cecil and Sara should have a portrait for themselves as well. He kept that well in thought as he went through his father’s closet.

All he could see were royal robes, and fancy outfits, with were mostly fancy London styled suits, with half of them being with ruffles. Sai’s father, King Asher loved ruffles on his clothes, and not a day passed without Sai seeing them on him.

Sai then changed into a simple suit with ruffles.

Sai looked into his father’s long blood-red hair. “Dad?”

Although he looks brute, and mean, doesn’t mean he was mean to Sai. He replied in the nicest tone possible, “Yes son?”

Sai poked at his new black suit, that had a ruffles instead of a tie. “Why do you like ruffles?”

The Demon King chuckled. “Is there a problem about it?”

Sai shook his head. “No, there’s no problem about it, I was just wondering why, that’s all.”

“Well, the reason I like ruffles, is because tie’s are too tight at times, and your mother wants me to wants me to wear ties, so this was the next best thing.”

“Do you think I’ll wear ruffles in the future?”

Asher patted the young Sai’s head. “Didn’t that dumb servant of yours make a suit of ruffles already?”

Sai smiled when Asher said that he was a dumb servant. “Nope, but I’ll tell him to!”

Asher yelled out of nowhere, knowing that Cecil could hear him, “Cecil! Come here!”

Cecil ran from what he was doing and ran straight to the demon king’s chamber, with a bit of nervousness; as it looked like King Asher wasn’t happy. “Yes, my king?”

“The next suit you’ll make will have ruffles. After all, a demon king and his son should match, right?”

He bowed.“Yes, Milord,” And then hurried off to clean up the demon castle.

Sai looked for clothes for the young Sara in the guest room, and was surprised to find tons of clothes for girl babies! (There seemed like there was enough clothes for Cecil as well.) There was also enough silk and fabric for Cecil to make other dresses, so there was no need to worry about that. Sai transferred the clothes from the closet to their new rooms.

Cecil finished cleaning up Sara, as she was beyond dirty, and it was like a transformation happened. From a young dirty peasant, it looked like she was fit to be called a princess, which she was. She was wearing a beautiful pink dress, and lovely matching shoes to match for the occasion.

“Lord Sai, I’ll leave Sara to you, I want to fix the kitchen so you can get a proper meal for tonight.” Cecil then left the room. Sai fed Sara, and played with her in the refurbished dining room, in which it seemed like a few seconds, but actually eternity.

“Do you like our castle, my little Sara?”

She nodded, like she could understand and said “Ya.”

Sai immediately hugged Sara, and ran to Cecil with her. “Cecil! Cecil! Sara’s growing up!”

Cecil responded quickly, and diligently. “Does that mean we can go home now?”

“Nope! Not ‘till Sara grows up! But anyways, look at her! She spoke her first word today! Look, Sarah can you talk?”

Cecil wasn’t paying attention, and was cleaning the bronze cooking pot, “It’s too early for her to talk, and she’s only about a year old.”

Sara said what she had said earlier. “Ya.” Immediately Cecil dropped his bronze pot that he was cleaning on his feet, and was crying in pain, but with a smile on his face. “Once she learns how to talk fully, we’ll need to get her a tutor”.

Sai pointed to Cecil. “What tutor? You’re the tutor.”

Cecil started to whine, “Why me?”

Sai hated when any of his servants complain to him, as he was probably the worst person for advice. “Because I said so?”

Cecil smiled. “It’s fine, because I was going to do it anyway sire.”

Sai smiled. “That’s good to hear.”

Throughout the next month, the castle was looking cleaner and cleaner every day, just like if it was brand new! Cecil made more trips into town, and sometimes he took his master and his daughter with him. The gossip didn’t end there, though.

As for Sara, she started to grow rapidly, learning new words, and was slowly getting her teeth in place. And then, she started walking out of the blue! Sooner or later, she’d probably find out that we’re her adopted parents, but all she needed now was to start her ‘school’.
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