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Volcanic Tribes: Bargaining

by messenger

messenger A promise between king of molten rock and trial giving ghost.
Chief approached the lava field where Magmar usually met him. He was not alone, for behind the Marowak was a flock of Fletchling. The birds were unusually loud, since the trip here was unfamiliar to them. It took a few moments for the fire bodied pokemon to emerge from underneath magma's surface. Once his head was visible, he spat a greeting to Chief and rose no further.

"I have come to make a deal with you, monarch of the mountain." The bone keeper began cautiously. When Magmar did not respond, he continued. "I am willing to offer you control over the Fletchling once more, on condition that my clan get one eighth of the food they collect." Chief did not speak of other news that a few Fletchinder had come to his camp. He aimed to keep those, seeing as they were more powerful in both skill and willpower.

The ruler of Wela Volcano Park grunted in surprise at the lesser's offer to him. One eighth did not mean much to the Magmar tribe, and even humans knew how easy it was to train the young birds. After visible contemplation of the Marowak's offer, he spoke for the first time that day. "It's a deal." The spluttering of his agreement lacked detractment from his deep and somehow bubbling voice.

"Good day, lord." Chief bowed and left the lava field devoid of the troops he had came with. Taking care of the Fletchling was difficult enough, even without the lack of food and killing of tamers by immigrants.
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