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Bakuha Shinhai Rekishi

by Fraseandchico

Fraseandchico (Jeez I haven't done this in a while) Meet my first Danganronpa OC, Bakuha Shinhai Rekishi, The Ultimate Historian(and protagonist of my Danganronpa Discord Rp?
Name: Bakuha Shinhai Rekishi
Nicknames(If any): N/A
Talent: Ultimate Historian
Personality: Has problems with being in large groups of people, is quite cold at first, but can be warmed up to, if slowly. Prefers not to show emotion. Intelligent, cunning. Is quite receptive to despair, but it probably won't take long before he goes insane from all the death.
Goals in Life: To be able to live a simple life, doesn't even have to involve his passion of being a Historian, with a family of his own.
Appearance: Glasses, peachy skin, red eyes. He wears a black coat, with a brown backpack, and he has shaggy, blonde hair. He stands at 5'8".
Age(either 17 or 18): 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Other: Has a crush on Hakka Shita Hashi, the Ultimate Hacker(another OC of mine)
Backstory: Growing up, Rekishi always had an interest in history, likely due to his parents being huge collectors who bought many artifacts. He appeared have a extreme liking to things like Greek, Egyptian, and Roman mythology, learning Latin, Egyptian, and Greek just to understand more of it. After a while, he began to actually go to dig sites for his research, collectively gaining more knowledge on history than most historians.
However, life when young wasn't always easy for Rekishi, his family's obsession with artifacts meant he was often left alone in his home for long periods of time. This made him feel the space he was in was crowded if even one person was in it, leading to many problems in his social life. As such, he was often bullied, before he stopped reacting, and the bullies just got bored of it. From that day on, Rekishi hardly showed any emotion in public, and even at home.
However, despite his status as the Ultimate Historian, now at Hope's Peak, there is one dig he went on he refuses to speak about... Who knows why.