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Backstory (XDungeonX)

by Sylvious

Sylvious This is one of the entries I thought of while thinking of a story. Any thoughts about if the story should continue?
Hi there, my name is Akuma. And yes, I know, it is Japanese for "Devil" and I'm in fact proud of it. I was born on a planet called Sēfuhebun, which is also Japanese for "Safe Haven". This planet is a lot different from other planets you may have heard of. Sēfuhebun is made out of tree roots. Our main source of resources are the large amounts of trees in specific areas. We call those areas "Treelands". Our water sources are very large, as there are huge lakes that we call "Oceanroots".

In between these areas, there are caverns. These caverns are guarded by powerful monsters, and they have lots of loot and resources that we need to survive. Legend says that if you raid all the caverns on this planet, you can obtain great treasures. Of course, every Sēfuhebunian wants to obtain this loot.

One fateful day, a man named Envy E. Senbō (Conveniently Senbō is Envy in Japanese) and his guild successfully raided Cavern 100, named "The End of the Road". Senbō disbanded his guild, The Black Envy, and he used some of the money he obtained to go to another planet. The rest of the money is laid at the end of Cavern 100.

This amazing act encouraged many Sēfuhebunians, and now, many guilds have been formed to obtain these great treasures. Even though there were many guilds, no guild has gotten close to Cavern 100.
  1. Sylvious
    Shows lots of similarities to One Piece and Sword Art Online, as they are my favorite anime, but the concept is pretty good, thinking about continuing it! :)
    May 19, 2017