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The Restless Souls: Background Summary of TRS (A JJBA story)

by DoggoKing22

DoggoKing22 This is a summary of a JJBA fanfiction/story made by yours truly! This summary talks about events from the past that lead up to the events in this story!
The world is starting to recover after technology began evolving. The world’s atmosphere and oceans were ridden of its huge amounts of pollution floating around, and the carbon levels went back to normal. Gas cars and trucks became a thing of the past as electric ones would replace them. From these details, it sounds like Earth is back to normal, right? Wrong.

In North America, 2030, people have suddenly begun to go missing and found dead in random places days after their disappearance. Citizens of the United States began to hypothesize that a murderer is on the loose in New York since that’s where the recent murders took place. They started to name this unknown murderer “The Second Jack” as a nod to 1888’s own “Jack the Ripper”. This killing spree went on for almost a whole year before it had mysteriously stopped. After that bloody event, most of the people around America and the world forgot about the occurrence.

Until today, three years later………
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