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The Likara region: Back

by Ryanthewatermelon

Ryanthewatermelon End.
Before i start, Yes, Flame the trainer,
You can make your own character.

Mark: Hey! Who are you?
???: You will never catch up, Mark!
Mark: Who are you?!
???: Really Mark? It's me, your rival.
I am gonna pick a suggestion for a rival name in the comments!
Mark is challenged by cool trainer ???
Mark sent out wartortle!
??? Sent out Bulbasaur!
Bulbasaur used leech seed!
Wartortle used iron defense!
Bulbasaur used vine whip!
Wartortle fainted!
Mark sent out meowth!
Meowth used fake out!
Bulbasaur flinched!
Meowth used hyper fang!
Bulbasaur fainted!
??? Sent out Pidgey!
Meowth used lick!
It did not effect pidgey...
Meowth used hyper fang!
Pidgey fainted!
Mark gain 1200 EXP!