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Azari Trainer Card

by The iFlare

The iFlare Just an example of the Pokeball render template in use. I chose to do the team being used in my playthrough of the fangame Pokemon Insurgence (the content of which, being the Delta Charizard sprite and the badge sprites, is available for use and adaption under creative commons and can be accredited to the developers here). I'm running Delta Charizard on my team, which is really interesting. It's a Ghost/Dragon-type that shares regular Charizard's stats, they work out much better with that typing. I'm running Shadow Ball and Dragon Pulse on it for STAB, Shadow Sneak for priority, and Confuse Ray for trolling. And this thing Mega Evolves into essentially an undead version of Mega Charizard Y. Packing an ability called Noctem that brings on a new weather condition, intense darkness. This boosts the power of Ghost-Type moves, so a Shadow Ball from Mega Delta Charizard packs a wallop to be reckoned with.
  1. Hayden Phillip
    Hayden Phillip
    Hey one question are u able to upload dat sprite of charizard to pokecharms plz if u can’t dats cool but that’s a good team and noice poke ball background
    May 27, 2019