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Aus-10 X Winx Heroix Chapter 1: Fairies and Aliens

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Aus-10 and Blue are normaly going about their buisness, when strange portals open, releasing odd monsters, and orse yet, A-10 gets sucked in one of the portals, taking him to a new world. can he survive?
Small note: Do note own any of the real Ben-10 aliens, or anything from Winx, but I do own Quick Draw, and Frostbite, and some other aliens more to come :) , also when it shows the omnitrix B sign, or the winx butterfly, it means the scene has changed to another character, just so you guys know :)
Ch 1:Fairies and Aliens
(Dark Forest)

Kalshara: Argh! Those acursed Fairies are always getting in the way!

Brafilius: Well uh... We've tried everything, but they always seem to be just plain lucky
Kalshara: You think I don't know that!?
Brafilius: I was just saying sis...
Kalshara: I WILL have the Ultimate Power!
*Looks up at the sky*
One way or another...

A girl and boy walk into town
Blue: Well, The alert was coming from around here...
Aus-10: This is taking too long!
*Presse a button on the Omnitrix B and slaps it turning into a red lizard like alien, with a jetpack on his back, one huge green eye, and has two laser guns in each of his pockets*
Quick Draw!
Quickdraw: Now... Let's speed things up!
*Speeds grabbing Blue and putting her on his back
Blue: Warn me when you do that!
Quick Draw: Nah, what's the fun in that?
*Suddenly, a huge portal opens, and a giant red tree appears and starts attacking everything. The two stop and look at the huge tree*

Blue: What the heck is that?
Quick Draw I don't know, The whomping Willow... On Steroids...
*Quickdraw takes out his laser guns and points them at the monster*
Okay Ugly! Reach for the sky!
* The huge monster swings it's arms and swings at him sending him flying, when a huge thunderbolt strikes the monster*
Blue: Leave him alone!
*Blue sends another blast at the creature*
*There is a blue flash, and a giant Yeti like creature punches the monster back*
Frostbite: Oh Yeah! Being a Heo Rocks!
*Frostbite looks over, to see the creature escaping in a portal*
Frostbite: Oh no you don't Ugly!
*Fostbite tackles it, but also gets sucked into the portal, and it closes*
Blue: Austin!


*A girl with firey red hair sits down in exhaustion*

Bloom: Wow, finally done!
*A blonde haired girl approaches her*

Stella: Bloom!
Bloom: Something wrong Stella?
Stella: I'll say! Something big just happened near the park, I don't know what it is, but it's giving off major mgic activity
Bloom: Ok! Go get the others! We'll go Check it out!

(The park)
*Frostbite rubs his head in pain as he gets up*
Frostbite: Ow! My head...
*He then notices a bunch of people gathered around him*
Frostbite: These guys don't look like they're too friendly to aliens...
Guy 1: What is that thing!?
Woman: It's some kind of alien! I seen it fall out of the sky!
Frostbite: What'd I get myself into this time?
Look.. uh, I come in peace, Really!
Guy 2: Uh-huh, and we're supose to beleive this... why?
Guy 1: Yeah, you could be here to suck out our brains with you tenticle arm things.
Frostbite: *Facepalms* Look, I have No idea what kind of sick movies you people have been watching, but I can't even do that, and even if i could I don't because I'm Peacefull!
Kid: We're not gonna tolerte your lies, nor will the fairies when they come kick your ET Butt!
Frostbite: Look, how many times do i have to- wait... Who did you say was coming?
Kid: The Fairies! See for yourself!
*Frostbite looks and sees 6 figures in the air, as people clap and cheer*

Bloom: Looks like one of Kalshara's monsters!
Stella: Let's take it down then!
Frostbite: *Looks at them jaw dropped, not beliveing what he is seeing, but is also knowing he is trapped...
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