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Aurora the Umbreon [OC]

by Raezyr

Raezyr Aurora lives on the coast of an arctic land. When she was only an Eevee, she meet Deoxys, who took care of her. She lived with him, until he had to flee because of Rayquaza. It was given to her a triangular pendant, which she can use to call Deoxys whenever she needs to.

(Btw sorry for the sloppy colouring)
  1. Random boi
    Random boi
    Zack:hmph i´m better than THAT

    Zenith:No you aren´t
    Dec 23, 2016
    Raezyr likes this.
  2. MysticVapor
    wow great artwork keep going
    Nov 10, 2016
    Raezyr likes this.