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MaskMan: Aura Team MaskMan

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan The mind is a weapon and the more you train it the more powerful it becomes this is there story
The year was 1988 and Dai Tuyson was on his way to school with a earthquake strike him and with a crash he landed on the ground. "Dang what was that" he said as he walk over to a field and found a person come out of a graint whole "hey you are you okay" he said as he walk colser he realized that the person was a monster. The monster look dor anyone around but to found none "Master Zone i'm on earth and it looks like no one's he....wait a smell someone" the monster said as Dai realized the monster know where he was"oh no" he said as he made a run for it and was blocked by a group of masked Footsolder's. "Get out of my way" he said as he try to run though them only to be push back with a powerful force "THATS IT" he yelld as he fought he's way there one by one the Footsolder's were K.O. and way it to the road just then a beam shot him forward into a car "Hahahahaha" laugh the Monster Grim "its over human" Grim said but then a ray of Aura shine over Dai and the car was pushwd back by him. A watch appeared on his wrist and then he made a pose "Henshin" he called as he transform into a red warrior "woah" he said "who are you!!!" ask Grim to Dai "i am RedMask" as he did a Pose. And pulled out a blaster "cool weapon" he said as he ran towards Girm "your dead" said Girm as he headed towards Dai "fire" he shouted as he fired a powerful blast the hit Girm straight through his heart "what impossible how could I be defeated by a puny human as Grim fell back exploding into a million pieces "yes" Dai shouted as the monster was defeated. Now in space Master Zone was wacthing the whole battle "how could Grim be defeated by a human..maybe i underestimate them" he said as the screen turn black and Zone smile "this just got interesting" he said....
  1. Light MaskMan
    Light MaskMan
    Ask any question
    Mar 5, 2017
  2. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    Its great, power rangers made it better.
    Jan 29, 2017
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  3. Light MaskMan
    Light MaskMan
    My first story
    Jan 28, 2017