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MaskMan: Aura Summer MaskMan 2

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan The story continue
Roshark got up and started to walk around untill he found a small cabin "let me check the radar" he said as he pulled out a radar to see two Aura's "Found ut" he said as he walk over to the cabin. Kim was watching tv and Kat was drying her hair "Kim where's my phone" he ask her sister "i don't know" Kim repiled while Kat's phone rang "i got it" she said as she picked up the phone "hello" she said "....." no one repiled while a tock hit the window "Kim can you get that" Kat ask "ok" Kim repiled as he open the door. Dai step in "hi my name is Dai and this is Ben" he said as Ben step in "have you seen a monster lately" he ask the sister's 'are you kidding me no that's insane" they repiled as they were about yo close the door Dai put his foot on the door "please this is truth there is a monster" Ben protest but then. Boom the earthquake shook our hero's Roshark then brust though the roof "GOT YA" he roar as he attack the boy's "run NOW" he order the girl's before Roshark could get a another hit "Henshin" the boy's called as they transform "RedMask Dai" Dai called as he pose "BlueMask Ben" Ben called as he pose "Aura Sentai MaskMan" they shouted as they where about to fight the monster. Then Masky's appeared from the lake to attack the girl's "let's do this sis" Kim called "right" Kat repiled as the two fought the group of Mask'y. Red and Blue Mask kept taking hit's from Roshark on till a blast came from behind to show a Yellow and Pink Warriors "Yellow Mask Kat and Pink Mask Kim" the girl's called out "NO NOT MORE' Roshark roar as the four hero surrounded him "Masky Blades now" Blue Mask order while they all pulled out the sword's. "You really think you can beat me" Roshark said as he took the attack's head on "we need a new attack" Yellow Mask said as Red had an idea "how about this he said" as Blue Yellow and Pink formed a triangle around Roshark and slash him at each turn while Red jump into the air a fired a powerful blast right onto Roshark "i called it the Mask Blast" Red said "yeah i like it" he added while Roshark fell back exploding into a million pieces "yeah" they all cheered as they put out the fire. Back in space Zone watch the battle "HOW COULD THEY BE MORE" Zone cried as Techtron comfort Zone "it's okay master Zone well get them next ti..." "NO IT'S YOUR FAULT I KEEP LOSING AND NOW YOUR GOING TO GET THE LAST MASKMAN GOT IT" Zone yelled "yes sir" Techteon repiled as Masky's came to take Techtron to earth "good luck" Zone said.....
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