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MaskMan: Aura Sentai Maskman Robo part: 3

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan The Green hero?
The Tank stop and someone came out "well look's like you guy's need some help" he said as Techtron got back up "i don't know who you are but your dead" the monster said as he started to head toward's the green hero. "Tank Warrior Mode" said the hero as the Tank change into a Robo the hero jumped into the Robo and fire as missile at the monster pushing him back "nice try but that won't beat me" Techtron said as he fired a laster beam at the Robo who took the blast head on "well checkmate" he said as he headed toward's the monster. "Guy's we got to get free" said BlueMask as he started to work the on the control's but Techtron wasnet finish yet as he grab the sword and use a Technologic attack on the Robo pinning it down "woah" the hero said as the Monster laugh "hahahah i did it master zone i did it". Back in space Zone was watching the battle from his chair "well he did do it" Said Zone as he smiled to watch the battle. Back on Earth the hero had one more attack "Full War Shot" he said as he fired a powerful blast at Techtron only for it to be reflected back at him "THAT'S IT THE TIME HAS COME" he yelled as he press a giant button "Mask War Gattai" he said as a bright light appear over the two Robot's and a new Gaint Robo appear from the light. "Mask War King online" said the computer as the fused robot started to walk toward's Techtron in a powerful motion in which send monster shaking in fear "what is that" the monster cry at the Robo fired a superpower missile the blew up the monster right arm "NNNNOOOOOO MY ARM" the monster Roar as the run toward's the Robo ready to strike it but was unable to when the Robo pick him up and threw him up into the sky and fired a beam that disintegrated "Super War Beam Finisher" the hero's called out as the dust disappeared with the monster. The Green hero started to walk off untill BlackMask stop him "who are you" he ask "i am X1 Mask" he said before doing a epic pose....
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