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MaskMan: Aura Sentai Maskman Robo part:1

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan Rated R for Robot
The building started to collapse as Techtron grew inside "we have to get out of here" RedMask said as they try to find an exit but with no exception but to fire a hole through the wall to jump down to the ground. "Are you insane that could kill us" BlackMask said "do you have a better idea" BlueMask reply "i guess not" BlackMask said as he fired a hole through the wall and jumped follow by Yellow then Pink And Blue then finally Red just as the building was destroy by Techtron. Just as they was about to hit the ground 3 Jets and 2 trucks caught the heroes and flew into a short distance away from the monster "Hello Hello anyone there" someone said on the intercom "um yeah who's this" RedMask reply as the voice came back on "Im Cody the one who made these Machines your in" Cody said "really" said BlueMask "what can these Machines do" BlueMask ask "ok first of all there called the Mask Machines and second they combine the together to make a robot" Cody said as Techtron took at a satellite connected to Cody "to make it you have t....." the signal was lost "hey Cody you there" YellowMask ask but to no answer "Dang this suck's" said PinkMask said as Techtron destroy another building "well i have a idea" said BlackMask "how about we put our power together" said BlackMask as he began to meditate and his Aura appeared over him the other's did the same as Red Blue Yellow and Pink Aura appeared as the Mask Machines started to shake "Aura gattai MaskRobo" RedMask called as the Machines started to form into a robot. BlackMask truck raise up to make a pair of leg's BlueMask truck form the body while Yellow and PinkMask jet's form into arm's and finally RedMask jet formed the head and the Machines came together.
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