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Ask the Inklings!: Ask the Inklings! Dare#2

by GhostlyCubone11

GhostlyCubone11 Ok, second dare! If you want me to add a drawing, tell me from now on, Kay?
“Okay Lionel. I’m gonna control, you tell me what to do.” Crystal said, as Lionel nodded when they started. “Woah, what a creepy place...” Lionel mumbled. “Okay, lets go look around.”Lionel said, and Crystal nodded. “Okay, we need to, find the relics.” Crystal told Lionel after some time. “Ok, lets GAH!” Lionel yelped, seeing a cardboard cut out of Bendy. “That wasn’t there before!” Crystal yelled, shaking her head. “Lets keep going....” Lionel mumbled again, as Crystal smiled and began moving. “W-WHY IS THERE A WRENCH IN THE DOGGY’S CHEST!” Lionel yelled, as Crystal shrugged, trembling.
( 5 minutes later.)
“Okay, now lets go turn the thing on.” Crystal said, but Lionel stopped her. “I think I Wanna control a bit....” He mumbled, as Crystal and him switched places. Then, not so good for Lionel, the Bendy Jumpscare happened. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH RUN RUNRUN!!!!!” The two screamed, running out of the room.

“That was fuuny to watch. Anyway, I’ll go turn it off. See you guys next time.” Marcus said with a chuckle.

Okay, that was fun to write! -Ghostly
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  1. Lillipup07
    Ok, first, this was good. Now, I wanna know everyone’s favorite song!
    Mar 8, 2019
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