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Ask the furry kirby!

by Gamingfan

pixil-frame-0 (5).png
Gamingfan Ask this boi anything!
So I dunno what I was thinking other than the childlike process that is "That's cool so I'm going to do it even though I SUCK! "
But now this exists so that's going to be interesting.
I'll accept questions from the comments on the images, preferably the most recent one, and I'll try my best to crank out as much as I can (which should be too difficult thanks to quarentine).

If you don't know this guy is my Kirby OC based on my roleplay (which is like, barely alive.) If you wanna join it, go for it. (SELF PROMOTION FTW!).
Also maybe the OC's from the people who joined my RP might make an appearance, as well as canon kirby characters.
If you don't want your char in this please tell me, as well as if I draw them incorrectly.

So I think that's it. Hopefully this goes well and not all my art sucks.
  1. KittehKatPoodums
    Who's your favorite mythical/legendary?

    How long have you been drawing.

    What's the meaning of life?
    Dec 6, 2020