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Ask the Author/ OCs #1

by PokeStorm

PokeStorm A few people have questions for myself (Glennis75) and my OCs (Dimrill and Mark). Let's see what they are...
Question 1 - by @Victinope :

Question for Dimrill: Where did you get your Shinx? It's a Pokémon mostly native to Sinnoh, after all. (Totally not because it's your favourite 'mon :p)

Dimrill: "This is actually one of my favorite memories as a kid. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my Aunt Cassie brought home an egg from the Day Care in Goldenrod City. She felt that I was ready for my first Pokemon. It took about a month for it to hatch. I was super excited about it, so I consistently checked on it every 5 minutes or so. Eventually It began to hatch. The experience was out of this world, it was so intense. Eventually Shinx popped out of the egg, ready for his new family. Since that day, we've been best friends."

Question 2 - by @Jfjohnny :

Hi I'm new here. But just thinking out loud here, what happened to Dimrill's parents?

Dimrill: "That is actually a good question. I've asked my aunt about this a few times, but she's never given me a straight answer. So I'm not really sure what to think."

Glennis75: "This has come up before. Dimrill's parents are obviously unknown, but there will be more on that in the future. When exactly that'll come in, I'm not sure. But I do have something planned for this."

Question 3 - by @ZRoberts555 :

Question for you (Glennis75): Where did you get inspiration to write a story in Johto? I don't see many around.

Glennis75: "Well Pokemon Crystal is the first Pokemon game I ever played, so it's nostalgia. I really enjoyed the storyline, even to this day, although now looking at it I think the Team Rocket encounters take too long. But I also wanted to include newer Pokemon, including Mega-Evolution and Z-Moves. Funny thing about this story, I started writing it about 3 years ago, before Sun and Moon came out, so obviously I had to make some edits before posting it."

Question 4 - by @ZRoberts555 :

Question for Dimrill and Mark: How did you like school, and what was your favorite class(es)?

Mark: "I'd totally pick computer class any day, mainly because I was a savage (I still kinda am though lmao) and I did all the assignments in one day and played video games the rest of the time."

Dimrill: "School kinda was ehhh. I'm not one to study, so I didn't do so well on tests. My best subject easily was Beastspeak. I had to learn to communicate with Shinx, so I was determined to excel in that class."

Well that's all the questions so far! I hope you all enjoyed these and I look forward to doing these in the future!
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  1. Kasumi~chan
    I got a question for you Glennis: Will you ever illustrate your stories? And if not will you get someone to do it for you? Or no illustration what so ever?
    Sep 4, 2019
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