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Ask Team Catastrophy: Ask Team Catastrophy : Ask #1

by ZeroTheOne

Zero The Shiny Umbreon : *is staring into the comments list with open eyes* Finally! Someone asked us something!
Zero The Shiny Umbreon : Alright so the question is to...Juniper!
Juniper The Eevee : Yay!
Zero The Shiny Umbreon : So the question is from...*that* guy! Please come in.
* *that* guy enters as a Palpitoad*
*that* guy : Wait...Why am I a Palpitoad?!

Zero The Shiny Umbreon : Oh, yeah I forgot to tell ya that when you enter the catastrophy realm you turn into your spirit pokemon
*that* guy : What?!
ALL : Yup
*that* guy : NOOOOOO

*After 17 minutes of screaming*
Zero The Shiny Umbreon : Are you done yet?
*that* guy : Yeah...Anyway my question was What do you want to evolve to, Juniper?
Juniper The Eevee : Well I want to evolve into a Leafeon
Zero The Shiny Umbreon : There ya have it that's the answer but I want to ask you something too, *that* guy, what's your real name?
* *that guy begins to fade away*

*that* guy : You shall never know...
Zero The Shiny Umbreon : I need answers! *continuously uses shadow ball on the 4th wall without any use*
Slitheria The Serperior : Sigh