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Ask Team Abnormal: Ask Team Abnormal #1: Mornings

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst @The Ringmaster asked, "Kit-Kat: Hey there! Uh, what does the average morning look like for you guys? Like, are you all groggy and a huge sourpuss, or are you hyped for the day?"
Nate: I'm pumped, ready to take on the day!
Alice: Who woke me up! I'll kill them!
Munchy: I'm pretty much indifferent.
Me: Mornings are a little rough. They all act differently. It just isn't always the best.
Munchy: Put down the coffee Nate. I think, you've had enough.
Nate: You can't stop me!" *Runs around while holding cup of coffee.
Me: I'd better go deal with this.