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Ask moi favorite Pokemon team.

by Lizzie101

Lizzie101 My favorite Pokemon team is Oshawott and Fennekin. They are both opposite types which is fire and water. I love them both! Please ask me moi questions!!!
  1. AliTheDarkTrainer
    I usually use Umbreon and Espeon (Or zoroark and Espeon depending on what i'm going against) Zoroark has a wide range of moves to use, and espeon can back it up, and umbreon is a good tanking pokemon (Protect comes in handy if you predict your opponents moves)
    Mar 2, 2016
  2. Localised
    I would have chespin and squritle that's what I did in super mystery dungeon
    Mar 2, 2016
  3. Lizzie101
    I honestly don't really know what undertale is. Sorry...;_;:'|:(
    Mar 2, 2016
  4. Sylvious
    Oshawott is cool, and I like Fennekin, but I don't like Fennekin's second and final evolution. I don't really like the Kalos starters in general. But, it's your opinion. Anyways, here is my question:

    Do you like Undertale?
    Mar 2, 2016