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Ask Charlotte And Skitch!: Ask Charlotte and Skitch! OPEN!!!

by TJoy Art

Charlotte and Skitch .png
TJoy Art Ask Charlotte (Shiny Riolu - Female) and Skitch! (Shiny Alolan Meowth - Male) Please like, follow and comment your questions!
  1. Gripz
    Idk if i can still do this, but i have a question.
    (To Skitch) is it ok if i ship u with Charlotte?
    Jul 31, 2018
  2. Luke The Riolu
    Luke The Riolu
    Whats both of yah hobbies ?? :nom:
    Nov 16, 2017
  3. TooBlue12
    So do you two have a trainer? :)
    Nov 16, 2017