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Pokesonas: Ask #5!

by Cloudswift

Cloudswift @SilvallyTamer asked this one! Bam! Super speed! Done within 20 minutes, and it doesn't COMPLETELY suck! :D
[​IMG] Hello, all, and welcome to the Asks!
[​IMG] ...Really? And by the way, Mana and Pandora, QUIT SHIPPING ME AND ASHLEY!!!
[​IMG] Yeah, not cool guys.
[​IMG] Well, we just happen to know that you are OTP!
[​IMG] Mwahahaha! We'll never stop!
[​IMG] No comment.
[​IMG] Can you guys go one episode withOUT fighting?! PLEASE?
[​IMG] Nope.
[​IMG] *Sigh* Well, let's get to the question. It's from a friend of mine, @SilvallyTamer. He wants to know if you guys like to battle each other.
[​IMG] Does this guy even READ these things?
[​IMG] He must not. Oh, yeah, that reminds me...*Uses Thunderbolt on Pandora* That's for freezing me that one time.
[​IMG] You realize how much I hate you right now, right?
[​IMG] *Grins* Yep.
[​IMG] I'm gonna get you back for that Moonblast, Mana!
[​IMG] I'd like to see you try.
[​IMG] No, no you wouldn't. You really wouldn't.
[​IMG] YES. They like to battle.
  1. BooBerry
    Okay, how about these:
    1.) Who is your favorite YouTuber?
    2.) (I'll try asking this to anyone in a ask) Do you ship Decidueye X Incineroar or Decidueye X Primarina?
    3.) What happens if I sing PPAP in front of Jim?
    Jan 4, 2017
  2. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    What do you think of Tai the Mienfoo (one of my Pokesonas)?
    Dec 15, 2016