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Ask the OCs!: Ask 3 : Marco the Mewtwo?

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain
@Mewtwofan259 asked : Heya Vanna, TT, Zamic, Bellona and Phobos. What's your opinion on Marco?


So guys what do ya think?

Both genesects and mewtwos have been created by experiments, we are both strong and equal, #Atheist4Lyfe!

Yeah..... equal.... *closes the "Genesect vs Mewtwo" work on pokecharms*

I say he is cool, strong too ^^
Yeah he is strong but I bet Phobos is stronger~
....... you do know I'm weak against Psychic do you?......

He's not bad, he's quite handsome but not my type, but I do find him scary as Mega Mewtwo X.....

I say we could be good friends.... as long as he isn't short tempered like some other people I work with here....

Hissssss :@
He is talking about me isn't he? :@
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