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ash's victory

by aditya dasgupta

aditya dasgupta how ash become a pokemon master
In indigo league ash came to final round.Ash choose pikachu first and his opponent choose gabite first. Pikachu used thunder bolt. Gabite used earth power. Then pikachu used iron tail. Gabite used hyper beam. Pikachu defeated. ash told 'come back pikachu. Go pignite'. pignite used flame charge. gabite defeated. Then ash's opponent choose rhyperior. Rhyperior used drill and pignite used sesmic toss. Pignite defeated. 'come back pignite. I choose you charizard.' Charizars used sesmic toss. Then aerial submition attack. Rhyperior defeated. Then the opponent choose palkia. Palkia used dragon rush. That was super effective to charizard. Then charizard was angry, so he used ember! Palkia defeated!