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OC Chronicles: Ashley(The human)

by Cloudswift

Cloudswift My second OC Chronicle!
So... Ashley. She's a redheaded tweenage girl that I wears a blue hoodie, blue jeans, blue STINKIN GOGGLES(where did I go wrong with that one, hm?), a blue backpack, and blue sneakers. She also has blue eyes. Whaaaat? A theme? I don't know what you're talking about. Aaanyways, Ashley's kind, loyal, quirky, and smart. Overall a pretty good friend, right? She made her debut in @SMRPG64 's Superheroes RP, and has since been a good way of filling the void of needing a character for a RP or a story with my friends. In a story with my friend that got deleted, she was a STINKIN ASTRONAUT! Her friends are Jax, who I'll get to soon, and a bunch of other people. Ashley generally has been used in scenarios where she has powers over the air or wind.