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Pokemon Stories: Ashes Rise to Smoke

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 This story was inspired by AzureEdge's story,My Mightyena. Yes,there is death,no not in the way of Azure's story.
umm...I guess this would be a #flashchallenge,and if Teapot tells me otherwise,I'll just edit out the inclusion,but I'm NOT deleting this!
I,at the time,didn't have a house,but I did have my pokemon. One of them was my special shiny Charizard. He was very protective and could lift me up to take a wonderful flight. I remember looking down to see the landscape of the Jitan Region. I smiled,and my Charizard who humph in happiness. A little bit of smoke came out,but that was Ashes for you. Ashes... One day,Ashes and I were flying through the air when we saw a traffic jam. A little bike gang was blocking them,people were yelling out their windows to make the bike gang stop holding up.
When we saw that didn't work,Ashes flew down to have a "talk" with the gang. I hopped down from him to see a old friend,Blossom. Blossom was a Pokemon Pirate,just like me. Pokemon Pirates sailed from region to region,searching for pokemon to steal. My Charizard huffed smoke at the gang,making them back away for a bit.
"Blossom,stop blocking this path."
"Why should I,Cloud?"
"Ashes here will smoke you.".
"Wait...that's ASHES?! I remember when he was just a Charmander! You raised him well,Cloud,I'm impressed. But how hard can he fight?!"Blossom exclaimed.
Now,Ashes had been living a respectable 31 years at Level 76. Blossom pulled out her Level 65 Blastoise,we watched as my Charizard was destroying her Blastoise! But,I realized he was fighting weaker than he usually does. Weird,I thought I got him to the Pokecenter to get his Pokerus shot. Ashes took one last Dragon Rage to the Blastoise's face.
"Alright Ashes! You did good! Now,time to go back int-"I paused,my Charizard meteored into the ground.
"Ashes?You okay?"I asked,my Charizard was lying on his side,I ran over and checked his heartbeat,every minute it was getting...slower.
"NO!!! Ashes! Don't-don't-don't..."I kept choking on that word,don't. In my head,I was screaming,
"Don't die! You can make it! just don't d-". My thoughts ended,Ashes eyes were closing slowly,his heartbeat only 19 beats a minute.
"Cloud! Are you alright?"Blossom questioned,running over to check on me.
"He's-he's-he's..."I studdered,Blossom checked his heartbeat,her eyes widened,the closed with grace. She opened her eyes,took my hand and Ashes,and put them in to hand holding. Tears ran down my face,mascara running down Blossom's face,she and I hugged my poor Charizard.
"Cloud,let it happen,say good-bye."Blossom whispered,I closed my eyes. All I saw was the good,hard,bad,and lonely,times I had with him. The time I found him at that volcano,when he evolved into a Charmelon,slapping me when I did something stupid,saving me from that pit of lava...saving me. I remember myself falling very fast,seeing my Charmelon coming towards me,he hugged me,and I hugged him back. We held tight to each other as we fell. Then,I remembered the arms being smaller,it felt like Ashes got,bigger. I opened my eyes to see a shiny Charizard,my shiny Charizard,just as we were about to hit the lava,Ashes swooped up to the sky!
He turned me around when we were out of the volcano,me seeing beautiful sights of the region for the first time. I remembered...I opened my eyes to feel no heartbeat. I stepped back from the dead corpse and got on my knees.
"No,not another one,not another one..."I cried,my hands covering my face. All were silent,I could feel they were all silent for me,for Ashes. A hand placed on my shoulder,I looked up to see Blossom,the sun shining behind her.
"Yes...but,this time,you'll be okay,like you've always been.". Blossom was right! I had pokemon die,but I still remembered them with respect,and I won't stop now! I got up and looked to the city,I was close to Ashes' home place.
"Excuse me,ma'am. What's the problem here?"it was Officer Jenny,
"Um,her Charizard died,could you help us carry the body?"Blossom asked politely.
"Why sure! Were do you what to put the big guy,sweetie?"Jenny asked,I pointed to the volcano behind the town,
"Over there,where I first caught him.".
"Alright!"Jenny exclaimed,she got out her megaphone,
"Excuse me,people on the bridge! We'll make an exit for you in just a bit! Please go around the Charizard and respect it please! Enjoy your day!". 30 minutes later,everything was sorted out and EVERY Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy was there. One ran over to me with something in her hand,
" 'cuse me,are you Cloud,the trainer of the Charizard?"
"Well,I have a report on Ashes the Charizard."
"You do?!"
"Yes,and he had a heart problem.".
"Really? I never knew pokemon could have body problems."
"Well,they can...and I was going to work on him to help him.But,it looks a little too late now,sorry Cloud for you loss."she ended. I just wanted to shake her right now,
"What kind of heart problem?"
"Heart PokeCancer.". I gasped,PokeCancer was serious,very serious!
I hung my head all the way to the burial site,I got out all of my pokemon,the boys kneeled to the grave,the girls bowed their heads in respect. I looked all around,in the crowd,I saw one of the opponents I faced,it was Ash. I remember Ashes taking down Ash's Charizard,it was exciting. They covered the coffin with dirt and uncovered the gravestone,like they do every time. It uncovered a coal-colored Charizard roaring,it represented him perfectly!
I remembered something my father said to me,
"Sometimes,ashes take flight to become one with the smoke.",he was right,Ashes was taking flight with the rest of the ghost Charizards,living with his home.
Good-bye my Charizard,Ashes,you were the best Charizard.
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  1. AzureEdge
    But still,Poke Pirates. New gang?
    Poke cancer. Now that's really creative. I should have put more thought into my entry.
    Great job!
    Sep 10, 2014