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ASHE Story

by RWBYMan

RWBYMan An info pad for my book series ASHE.
ASHE is a RWBY fan story. where four boys
and Ethan go to Beacon to fight monsters called Grimm. There are also characters from the RWBY series that joins in team ASHE's adventures. Also some relationships between team RWBY and ASHE.
Like Austin and Yang. (Because Yang is my all time favorit character).
so far, team ASHE has just finished gtting ancint relics that will in time modify their own weapons.
Sam's Desperado obtains two daggers and when in cannon mode, two mini guns.
Ethan's bow staff gains a small dragon head that can produce "Nega Flames" or black plasma.
Helios gains a pai of mechanical dragon wings and a boost of fire power in his right arm.
Austin recieves a pheonix crest... Not going to spoil it.
I may start writing the series soon. also if you have any ideas at all, don't hesitate to message me. Thanks!
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