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ASHE Chapter 2: Gloves off Part 1

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Our heroes Austin and Sam approach the assembly, where they soon learn that The Hunters and Huntresses of Beacon don't mess around...
Austin and Sam approach an arena. the seats arepacked full with students. So they just decide to stand in the back trying not to look weird. Out of the coner of hiseye, he catches a small golden blur, no... something else, too wavy for a person. He squints his eyes to see It is a person or rather the back of their head. the person turns around and sees them. It was Yang. She smiled and waved when she caught eye of them.
"You know her"? Sam asked.
"Yeah", austin explained.
"She's the one who saved me when I got stampeded".
"Stampeded"? Sam asked curiously.
"It's a very long story"... Austin continued.
But Austin was once again interupted by something new. A sivler haied man in a balck and green suit appeard on the stadium along with a woman that was familiar to that of a hologram.
"I'll keep this brief"... The man said pulling up his glasses.
"You have travelled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and aquire new skills, and when you finish, you'll dedicate your lie to the protection of the people".
Austin smiled while Sam just smirked.
"I look amongst all of you, but I'll I see is wasted energy" the man continued.
that gave many confused and even frustrated looks.
"You assume that knowledge will free you of this, bit your time at this school, will prov that knowledge can only take you so far". The man continued again.
"Ih... Is he going somewhere with this"? Austin asked.
Sam only shushed him in response.
"It is up to you, to take the first step". The man finished.
the woman stepped up.
"As some may know, I'm miss Goodwitch." The woman said.
"I specialize in combatant training, I would like to volunteers for a demonstration of how we do combat...
So, any Volunteers"?
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