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ASHE chapter 1: Ashes to Dust part 2

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Hi! if anyone asks, I couldn't write sory's on RWBYMan , so I will continue the ashe story on this profile. this is ASHE part 2, enjoy!
A few minutes later, he finally gained conciousness. He heard a voice asking if he was alright? He slowly nodded and felt asomeone pull him up to his feet, he was a little dizzy and had blurred vision, but it soon went away.
He could now see his apparent rescuer. It was a girl, most likely around his age 16 or 17. She had long curly blone hair, violet eyes, a orange scarf around her neck, a small tight jacket, and a pair of black shorts, she also wore a belt that held a skirt/cape.

"Crowds get roughon the first day" She said.
"Uh, Thanks", Austin said.
"My name's Austin. I'm here to become the Number 1 Best Hunter"!
"Number one huh"? she asked.
"Well you came to the right place Mr.Austin, My name's Yang"
Yang streched her hand and shook austin's in Austin's mind, he had a nosebleed moment.
"This is awesome"! He thought.
"I've only been here for a few minutes, and I already have a new friend. Even better, a Huntress! and a beautiful one at that"!
"Well Yang, it was nice meeting you". Austins said.
"You to"! Yang replied smiling the ost beautiful smile anybody could ever have.
""See you around"!
Sh soon walked off, not knowing she was the ery prson that stole his heart.
just then a voice interupted Austin from his daydreams.
"Yo! Austin"!
Austin turned around to see yet nother surprise. A tall boy with black hair, he had eyes like sapphies, He wore a black leather jacket. and blue jeans. On his back was a person sized indigo colored sword. of which Austin knew only one person had.
"Sam"!? Austin asked shocked.
"In the flesh bro"! Sam said.
"What brings you around here"?
"I could say the same for you", Austin replied.
"I thought you moved to Vaccuo"?
"Yeah, but there's been massive Grimm sightings everywhere, So I came here to do something about it. i'm gonna get stonger so I can try to stop tis rimm outbreak". Sam explained.
"I'm trying to get stronger to"! Austin said happily.
"Hey! maybe we'll be on a team"!
"We are friends, and would be a powerful team", Sam started.
"But teams have four members, we're two mebers short". He finished.
Austin thought for a moment then came to a conclusion.
"I... Have absolutely no idea how we can get more teamates". Austin finished.
Sam facepalmd himself and let out a deep sigh.
"Well, I think it's time we get to the assembly". Sam said.
"It's gonna be huge, and I don't think we wanna miss it".
"Yeah", austin replied.
"I tell ya Sam, this is gonna be a heck of a year".
"That..." Sam started,
"Is something I think we can both agree on".
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