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ASHE chapter 1: Ashes to dust Part 1

by NerdyNinja

It was a perfect normal day in the kingdom of Vale. An airship was flying into the air carrying vast amount of students on their way to Beacon Academy. Today was a very special day for a very special boy whose adventures would just begin.
Austin: "This is gonna be awesome"!
"I Austin J. Davenport am finally going to Beacon! Where all the best hunters and Huntresses Train"!
"And Maybe I'll even find that lucky Huntress"
Before Austin gotten far in his daydream, a hologram of a woman appered on the airship.
Mrs.GoodWitch: Good evening students, my name is Glyda Goodwitch. I am a head staff member at Beacon. I wish congrats for all of you. and I'm sure you will meet a vast majority of people who share the burning ambitions that all of you have. However, things are not so peaceful around this time. There have been greater Grimm attacks.For those who don't know, Grimm are souless creatures, who would like nothing more than to shred you to pieces... Good Day".
Austin "Oh that's nice..."
Then he realised something.
Austin: "Wait did she sa shredded to peices"!?
The airship landed. and the doors opened, Austin walked towards the doors
Austin:"Well, here goes nothing"...
Before he could even take step, he got trampled on by hundreds of other students swarming to the school leaving Austin there Unconcious...
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