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by Ristopher

Ristopher 2002-2015
Ash was my dog. He was a beagle and today unfortunately he has sadly passed away due to a heart attack he had. He lived up to a good 13 years and last night we caught him whining and his eyes were closed, my family thought he was sick so we stayed up all night checking on him. Sadly there was something wrong...today at 3:54 pm he gave his last breath and passed away..
I will always remember the fun times we had with Ash and will never forget him....
  1. Sasha the Eevee Master
    Sasha the Eevee Master
    *Cries* I understand I lost my jack russel Buster and German Shepard Sam.
    A few years back but i still get upset now and again. But this made me think about and cry over them. (tears of joy.)
    Jul 18, 2015
  2. _Umbreon_
    Can you send me a picture, I'll make a tribute!
    Jul 16, 2015
  3. The Blue Blur
    The Blue Blur
    I so sorry for your lost. I have lost 2 dogs whlie I was alive. one lived to 12 and the other 2... Everyone at Pokecharms is here to talk to and we'll support you every step of the way.
    Jul 15, 2015
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  4. Azur
    I am very sorry to hear that Ash has left you.
    I remember when I lost my kitten, Lucky, a few months ago. I was very upset and missed her a lot- I still do.
    If you ever need support and/or want to talk about it, I'll be here for you.
    Jul 15, 2015
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  5. Stelluna
    I bet Ash was a good companion. I support you in your time of need, @Ristopher !
    Jul 14, 2015
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