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by NonAnalogue

NonAnalogue Asanema, the Goddess of Fertility and the Heavenly Bodies

“All right, Asanema, it has come time for your performance review.”

Asanema stood in Dia and Diza’s courtroom. Usually, it was reserved for judging the souls of mortals and recommending their final resting place. Once every now and again, though, Dia and Diza, as de facto leaders among the pantheon, brought every other deity in to discuss how they’d been doing. Asanema wasn’t especially fond of the process, but there wasn’t any wiggling out of it - at least if Ithria’s numerous attempts were any indication.

“On the whole,” Diza continued, “we’ve been quite pleased. You have one of the more rigorous domains.”

“After all, who wouldn’t notice if the sun didn’t rise in the morning?” Dia said. “Or if the moon and stars didn’t appear at night?”

“Exactly.” Diza turned a page in the folder on his desk. “The one black mark I have written here is the time you knocked Takren out. With only one punch, I see.”

Asanema crossed her arms. “That’s his fault. All those cracks about my ‘heavenly body.’”

Dia had her hand over her mouth, but Asanema was pretty sure that she was covering a smile.
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