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by Trainer-MartyHarmony

Trainer-MartyHarmony Winter Fanart: Articuno !! I have taken inspiration by another Articuno's Fanart, that is vero cool!I hope you like this and please leave your opinion :)
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  1. Pale-Pink
    Omg-This is so cool dudeeeee! :0
    Jan 7, 2019
  2. Leeon
    This demonstrates RAW POWER! The colors are WILD! Soon as I saw this I was like "WHOA" !
    Jan 5, 2019
  3. Hollow Omega
    Hollow Omega
    You are seriously gifted! I could never make something like this >_<
    Jan 2, 2019
  4. DizzyW
    Np :)
    it deserves all the love it gets
    Dec 30, 2018
  5. Trainer-MartyHarmony
    @DizzyW thank you i am happy that you like this =)
    Dec 29, 2018
    PrincessPika likes this.
  6. DizzyW
    omg what
    this is amazing! the face is just... legendary!
    how is this even possible?! i want your skills ;~;
    Dec 29, 2018