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Gijinkaverse: Artemis Lunari

by luxidoptera

luxidoptera Another one of the backed-up Gijinkaverse designs I had made before I joined the site. S/O to Nonstop on Toyhouse who originally designed this one.

Artemis is a Lunala, born in another world and brought to Alola through unknown means. Kind, motherly and compassionate, Artemis wishes no harm to come upon anyone she meets, and always tries to make friends before making enemies. She hates seeing anyone suffering and will do her best to help anyone she cares even the slightest bit about, to the point that she very well may wear herself out trying to make everyone around her happy. To her, violence is never the answer- if she can't reason her way out of a situation, she'll simply turn tail and leave the building.

She is rarely seen away from Apollo, especially when he is wearing the Dusk Mane armor- she always has to be there to make sure he doesn't have it on for too long, and she will not hesitate to pull off his helmet if things start to go south. She is very curious about the nature of said armor and spends a decent amount of time studying its physical properties; so far she has discovered that the glassy material it is made of absorbs light and energy from the wearer and siphons it to...somewhere, but she's not sure what purpose this serves yet.
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