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Art Dump!

by Dim Dim

20170225_122744.jpg 20170306_165432.jpg 20170306_165603.jpg 20170306_165617.jpg 20170306_165628.jpg 20170306_165634.jpg 20170306_165643.jpg 20170306_165649.jpg 20170306_165657.jpg 20170306_165711.jpg 20170306_165723.jpg 20170306_165731.jpg 20170306_165737.jpg 20170306_165754.jpg 20170306_165803.jpg 20170306_165819.jpg 20170306_165826.jpg 20170306_165838.jpg 20170306_165847.jpg 20170306_165857.jpg 20170306_165912.jpg 20170306_165924.jpg
Dim Dim I suggest you read this first.

Well a promise is a promise. Is a promise. ;)

I have a Warrior Cats obsession, and some of my drawings spoil the series. Sorry about that.

List of everything (and a short description of what it is):
1: Eddworld picture
2: A guy I drew (lets call him JD)
3: Kitty face and legs :D
4: Snowtree, one of my pets in AJ
5: Anthropomorphic lion with wings holding a sword (promised one of my teachers I would draw it)
6: Traced over my hand (it's tiny!) with stick figures (I was super bored mkay?)
7: SUPER SAIYAN JD!!!!1 na jk just some 'super mode' of JD
8: Sad JD
9: Tigerstar with devil wings
10: Briarlight looking at her legs.
11: Cinderpelt and Brackenfur (lol I spelled 'Brackenfur' wrong)
12: Graystripe
13: Ravenpaw
14: Cloudtail and Brightheart (sorry that it's kinda blurred)
16: Power of Three again (lol Jayfeather looks so miserable with those stripes)
17: Bluefur(star) and Oakheart
18: Crowfeather alone in the moor (looks like a desert, i know)
19: Feathertail and Stormfur
20: Cole and Marmalade (yes I watch them they're very cute :love:)
21: Lucario
22: Tempest and his dad (when he was a pup)

Wow! That's a lot of art!
  1. sara_pandar ._.
    sara_pandar ._.
    Mar 7, 2017
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  2. Dim Dim
    Mar 6, 2017
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  3. sara_pandar ._.
    sara_pandar ._.
    wonderful art especially the eddsworld :)
    Mar 6, 2017
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