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by PentheWonderful

PentheWonderful Yeaahhhhh I can finally get on my tablet again haha~
Here's a little something I made for Tumblr yesterday. She's one of my OCs, who's a bipolar, schizophrenic sorceress with a glass eye over her right eye socket :p
  1. Yu Narukami
    Yu Narukami
    Amazing artwork.
    It kinda reminds me of Yukiko one of my friends
    Dec 1, 2015
    PentheWonderful likes this.
  2. PentheWonderful
    @The iFlare Oh yes, definitely XD She's the life of the party! Until she steals your soul and enslaves you for all eternity that is lol
    Nov 21, 2015
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  3. The iFlare
    The iFlare
    She sounds like just wonderful company! Lol.
    Nov 21, 2015
  4. PentheWonderful
    Nov 20, 2015
  5. Renimo
    This is so cool!
    Nov 20, 2015