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Ennen Creatures: Arba

by NonAnalogue

lava lizardfolk.png
NonAnalogue The arbas are an Ennen species that are distant relatives of both the colbas and, strangely, humans. None of Ennen’s researchers have yet figured out the link between the mammalian humans and the reptilian arbas. Regardless, arbas are closer to their colba kin than to their human kin; like colbas, arbas are cold-blooded, lay eggs, and defend themselves using their sharp claws and their powerful legs. Unlike colbas, arbas are very group oriented. In fact, only one group has been found so far - a large society living on and around the active volcano near U Hao. Arbas’ skin is extremely thick and is, in fact, heat- and fire-proof. Some of them even live in the volcano’s crater. Their clothes are made from shed skin, giving it resistant properties as well.

Much like their colba (and, by extension, kobold) relatives, arbas are taken by shiny and valuable objects. in the arbas’ case, they prefer gemstones and fashion gems into decorative ornaments for their clothes and bodies. Arbas are omnivorous and can even eat gemstones in a pinch, though they only consider doing so in very dire circumstances.

Arbas are quick learners - despite only having been discovered recently, there are reports of some of them having picked up the Common language already. In fact, one researcher who used a magic spell near an arba was shocked to find the arba using the spell immediately afterwards, though after some time passed, the arba was no longer able to use it.

Elements: lava, rock