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Fan Pokémon: Aquabluka

by Stelluna

Stelluna This Pokemon is actually a fan pokemon character, not a species. I actually got the idea from a Pokemon Yellow glitch video. There is a glitch when you evolve a glitch pokemon called 44HY that will evolve into another glitch Pokemon named Q. If you do a certain glitch, you can merge two Pokemon together. In fact, you can do this multiple times. Doing this gives the Pokemon below Q the moveset of the Pokemon it is merging with. Then that merged pokemon gains the color of the Pokemon it merged with. It will also give it its stats and moves, allowing insane stats. This leads to the term "Imbalanced Pokemon", which Aquabluka is.

Aquabluka is a Male/Female pokemon. No, it isn't genderless, it's just male and female at the same time. This is because Aquabluka is actually a female Pikachu named Ka and a Male Lapras name Aquablu were merged. Essentially, it is two minds in one body, NO, it IS two minds in one body. The brown eye on the right of its face is for Ka, while the red eye on the left side of the face is for Aquablu.

Ka is your typical Pikachu, Infact, she even has a cheap name, Ka, which she was named for because of PiKAchu. Nothing really special here, but then Ka decided to run away from her trainer to see what it is like in the wild (Ka was raised in captivity). It was all good for Ka until she came across a concealment chamber of what was said to be a terribly ruthless pokemon. Excited for adventure, Ka ventured in, only to discover a strange pokemon who claimed to be called Q. Q was a mischievous glitch pokemon and decided it would be funny if it fuse two completely different Pokemon together, and so it all began...

Aquablu was the Alpha Male of his group of Laprases. Prideful, he decided he needed to be the very best like no pokemon ever was, which kinda sorta made him dangerous to other Pokemon groups, messing with their stuff and all, so he was locked away so the world would maintain balance. Aquablu is very prideful and not willing to help at all, especially some cute little pokemon like a Pikachu. He acts as a sort of conscience for Ka in their Aquabluka form, but normally doesn't have the best intentions. He's stubborn and over all rude, but in order to become his old self again, he must cooperate with Ka to find Q.

Here's the video I found this merging glitch in, you should check it out:
  1. Stelluna
    @ModasPro , Raichu is one of the pokemon in really good at drawing free-hand. I could draw you one if you want.
    Jul 2, 2015
  2. ModasPro
    Cute Pikachu! And Nice Video... But why don't you draw Raic-
    Pikachu: YO WHAT? Obviously I am Superior to RAICHU. Nintendo and GameFreak made a game about me DANGIT! They might even give ME a Mega! So don't you be saying Oh Pikachu is weak

    Me: *Steps Away*

    Jul 2, 2015
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  3. Stelluna
    Thanks @Ristopher! ^.^ BTW the Q glitch for merging pokemon is real.
    Jul 1, 2015
  4. Ristopher
    Jul 1, 2015
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  5. Stelluna
    By the way, is anyone actually reading the description?
    Jul 1, 2015
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